The Curse of the green Island


2dyVRmpIf you saw my last blog post, you should already know how Ireland looked like a few days ago. It happened at around four O’clock in the afternoon. I was desperately studying for my chemistry exam as I suddenly heard Conor screaming: “snow!, It’s snowing!” I immediately threw my books away and ran downstairs. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was indeed snowing, but there were more than just a few snowflakes, way more!

iMessage-IconMy excitement at that point was indescribable as I knew, as soon as the buses stop working, everyone is going to get a text-message from our school, informing us, that we will have the day off tomorrow. Do you remember that we have the so called “January exams” this week? As announced in “The day the Earth Stood still”, I would have a huge chemistry exam this Friday. But it was snowing so heavily, that I was absolutely and utterly convinced that the question wasn’t if, but when I will receive this “message of freedom”.

In my excitement I ran upstairs into my room again, turned on my computer and asked pretty much all my Irish friends (via Facebook) how much more snow it would take, until our principal would have to close the school. The majority of my friends responded that if it keeps snowing like that for a couple of hours, they will have to close the school for sure.

coldI thought that I don’t have to study chemistry anymore and got ready for a little adventure outside in the cold. I took my camera and my warmest jacket and went outside. I’ve spent quite a bit of time out there, long enough to realize, that I forgot the probably most vital part of my “equipment” at home: My gloves! It wasn’t long until my hands went through a significant change in colour. If you would have placed a tomato next to my hands, I guarantee you that my hands would have been redder. They also became quite swollen, but the fact that I was walking around with “tomato hands” didn’t prevent me from taking pictures. The only problem was, that after a certain amount of time, I couldn’t move my fingers anymore, therefore I couldn’t press the buttons on my camera and I had to go back home again.

snowman26On my way back to my host family’s house, I realized that the Jacket I was wearing, isn’t the best choice for snow adventures. Somehow, the snow would rather stick onto my jacket than onto the ground. The more I was covered in the white powder, the more weight I gained. Eventually a group of little kids was chasing me as they thought I’m a living snowman.

Home again it took about an hour until my hands got their original colour back and I was able to move my fingers again. I went upstairs and continued studying until I suddenly heard an absolutely horrific noise coming from my window. I already knew what it was, but I just couldn’t believe it! Devastated as I was, I opened the window, just to see how the rain gave the landscape its colour back. It’s the curse of Ireland…


… And yes I had to do my huge chemistry exam on Friday, it wasn’t fun.

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