House of Cards

It’s the 27th of February and it finally got released: The third season of House of Cards. I absolutely and utterly love this series. If you don’t hear from me for an unknown period of time, you will know why ;). What are your favourite TV-Series or movies?

Trailer of House of Cards:

I got a letter…

It’s amazing how fast time flies by. It seems like it has only been a few months since this exchange year started, but this letter just told me, that it is nearly over…

Dear Tim,
It may be hard to believe, but it is time to begin planning for your return home! This letter contains a lot of important information and you should read it very carefully. If you need help completing the form on the other side, you should ask your Host Family or Local Coordinator to assist you.

Farewell Event:

EF High School Exchange Year are pleased to announce that we will be holding a one night leaving event on the 3rd of June 2015.
If we get some help from some of you as volunteers in organizing then this evening will include a “Prom Night”/Debs style party where you can dress up and say goodbye to one another in style before heading back to your home countries.

The work involved in organizing will include; music/dj, agreeing on venue, promotion to other students, security and arranging the amount students who will need to cover for the extra items on top of a standard evening activity that we would normally provide.


All students will then travel to Dublin Airport on the 4th June 2015

You are assigned to travel from

Dublin DUB – to Basel – BSL

Please complete and return the attached form to the Killarney office no later than the 13th of March, 2015.

The EF High School Exchange Year programme finishes on this date which includes your host family, school and insurance. After that date, if you choose to stay on in Ireland to travel or explore, then you will be responsible for your own accommodation and will be considered ‘Off Programme’.

Kind Regards,

Your Operations Manager – Ireland

All paperwork must be received by EF High School Year, 65 New Street, Killarney, Co Kerry no later than 13th March 2015 by mail or by email.


Returning Home:

Please choose which option you wish to return to your country:

  • EF Wave date – 4th June 2015
  • Own Arrangements – I would like to cancel my EF Flight and so book my own flight, travel to the airport and check in.

By choosing this option your partens will reveive a flight refund in your own country. I have confirmed this with my parents. Please give your departure date form Ireland:______________

End of your Fareweill Event:

Please choose:

  • I want a ‘Prom Night’/Debs style evening at the end of the year and want to volunteer helping organizing it.
  • I want a ‘Prom Night’/Debs style evening at the end of the year, but do not want to be involved organizing it.
  • I do not want a ‘Prom Night’/Debs style evening at the end of the year but would prefer a more relaxed evening in Maynooth.
  • No I will not attend the farewell event. Please give your reason:______________

Please confirm your email address and movile number here, so we can contact you quickly with any questions.

Email Adress:______________
Mobile Number:______________

A Colourful Day – Part 2


Note: Before I’m going to talk about the pretty pain- and colourful paintball battles I’ve had here in Ireland, I have to point out, that this is a continuation of the first part of “a colourful day”. To understand this text you should have read part 1.

soldier-dog-cartoon-characterThe shooting started directly after the whistle. It is indescribable how loud it was, it sounded like a machinegun fire, even though our weapons were only semi-automatic (one shot for every time you pull the trigger). My whole team used small windows as a cover to shoot enemies who were trying to get up the hill. We obviously had a big advantage, as the enemy team was struggling to get up the muddy hill under the continuous fire from the castle. The only problem were the game rules: The attacking Team had infinite lives. All they had to do after they got hit was to walk back to their respawn point and then they were back in the game again, while we only had one live per player. The enemy team gradually came closer to our castle and started to aim for the small windows. Suddenly a player next to me got shot and was screaming in pain.

wiley-coyote-helpI was quite shocked and hoped that my team would be strong enough to defend the flag. ( That’s a lie, I was hoping that they were able to defend me! 😉 )

As our team got smaller and smaller the enemy team came closer to our castle and I began to doubt that we could win this game. Together with a few members of team green I left the castle to fight the enemies on the field as they were too close to our small windows and no one wanted to peek out of them, because that would have been suicidal.

13173295511361788052Beehive.svg.medI don’t really remember what exactly happened in that savage battle of castle Wallenberg, but my bruises tell me that it didn’t go well. The enemy team was already behind the castle and aimed for the door from everywhere when we made the decision to go outside. We ran directly into the crossfire… How it felt like? Go outside and throw something against a wasp’s nest, then you will know – You would probably also look the same afterwards.

Team Brown won that battle and we switched our roles, team brown was now the defending team. Eduardo was laughing when he saw me limping down the hill, but I was sure that I will get revenge this game and smiled back.

PRkINx1424819644Let’s come straight to the point, the battle was an absolute disaster… They were covering us in those painful with paint filled projectiles until everyone was hiding behind obstacles to prevent themselves from getting shot. The problem with that strategy was, that we all trapped ourselves. As soon as someone dared to peek out of his cover you could hear how the whole enemy team literally coloured him!

We lost pretty much all games we played against team brown that day, they played extremely good, but the Marshals realized, that most of them cheated and continued playing even though they have been shot, so they started to reduce the amount of points they gave team brown.

Eduardo finally told me the reason why he didn’t want to move to my team. He saw the scoreboard before the battle of “Castle Wallenberg” started and saw that Team Brown had by far the highest reputation. Well played Eduardo, well played…!


Anyway, even though my team lost pretty much all games, I had an absolutely and utterly amazing day and in the end I was even allowed to switch to team brown where I fought side by side with my Mexican friend in map called “Black Hawk Down”.


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A Colourful Day – Part 1


'Alright, who detonated the thermonuclear paintball bomb?'…And yes, you can take this title literally, because today’s blog post is going to be about the “Irish Paintball Adventures” I’ve experienced here in Ireland about a week ago. Before this event I’ve always seen colour as something beautiful, innocent and harmless. I changed my mind about “harmless colour” quite quickly when I was on the battlefield, running up a hill, while the enemy team did great job in covering me with paint.

paintball-iconIt was the 7th of February, two days before Eduardo’s birthday, but because my Mexican roommate refused to have a birthday party on a school day (the 9th is a Monday), he decided that we are going to celebrate it today – on a battlefield. I still don’t understand why he wanted to celebrate it in a war zone. I know that everyone loves colourful birthdays, but you don’t take that literally! But I’m not complaining, as I’ve played paintball before, and I’ve loved it.

k8572483It turned out that Eduardo had already organized everything. All I had to do, was to get up early in the morning, which was quite hard for me, as I usually sleep until twelve o’clock on weekends, but I eventually managed to get out of my cosy bed and got ready for our adventure. I knew that paintball is anything but painless. But Eduardo showed me a brochure of “Delta Force”, where you clearly saw how much protection the players wore. So I felt quite safe and only took my grey jacket with me, a painful mistake as it turned out later.


Unfortunately the paintball field was somewhere out in the nowhere. We first took a bus to get into Dublin’s city centre and then went to a train station. Eduardo’s friends were there, loads of them. I knew a few of them from the Zombie run, but there were at least 15 persons. A few of his friends came late, so we missed our train and had to wait for the next one. It didn’t bother me, as I was busy taking pictures of the railway station.


After 30 minutes of waiting outside in the cold, our train finally arrived and together with Eduardo’s approximately 20 friends we got on it. I’ve never used an Irish train before and I have to say that it was in quite a good condition.

hunting-clip-art-Hunter-Clipart-20509785I fell asleep in the train, but fortunately Eduardo realized it and woke me up when we had to get off, otherwise I would have been in quite a bad situation. I hadn’t a clue where we were, so I just followed Eduardo. We took another bus and gradually came closer to the paintball centre. We eventually arrived at a park, where the way to the paintball fields was marked. We followed the signs until an employee of “Delta Force” stopped us and told us that we can’t walk through the forest to get to the paintball centre, because we could get shot. Everyone was laughing, a very funny joke, isn’t it? But she was serious, she told us that there were hunters in the forest and that they could shoot at us by accident… She called us a few big taxis who brought us up the hill and into the forest where the paintball fields were located.

144964615-617x416Fortunately all of us arrived alive at the Paintball Centre. The Marshals (Instructors) were already waiting for us and gave us our “equipment”. Why did I put equipment in quotation marks? Because next to the ammunition they only gave us an overall and a mask. I was standing there quite shocked and asked them where I could get the rest of the protection gear. They answered, that they have protection vests, but they usually only give them to girls, so I refused to take them. There also were protection gloves, but I would have had to pay extra for them, but I didn’t want to waste my money for extra protection, the ammunition was already expensive enough (100 paintballs = 10 Euro).

To my Followers: Yes, I know, my hands always get ruined, because I don’t have gloves… I never learn my lesson 🙂

I bought 400 paintballs and got ready for combat. Before we were allowed to go into a real combat zone together with an enemy team, we had to learn how to use our weapons. A Marshal explained us everything and told us, that we should have a small practice game among friends before we joined the big games with over 40 players in huge paintball fields. We agreed and went to a map called: “Chemical Alley

Vs.pn_I was in the brown team and was fighting against the brown team. Eduardo was in the brown team and they got defeated so fast and easily, that the Marshal told us to play another round, but nothing changed and Eduardo got shot at his unprotected hand (not me, yet). After the game I told Eduardo he should change to team green, otherwise this could be a very pain(t)ful birthday for him, but he stayed in his team for some reason.

We then joined the “big” games and went to a map called: “Castle Wallenberg”. Because of the green duct tape around my arm I had to join the already existing team green while Eduardo joined team brown. I was curious why Eduardo didn’t want to move to my team after his devastating defeat in “Chemical Alley”, so I asked him. He didn’t tell me why, he just smiled. I thought that he was either crazy or that he just liked to be shot at. Anyway, the map was absolutely and utterly awesome! There was a huge castle on a hill and one team had to prevent another team from rising a flag placed next to the castle. My team had to defend the flag at first and went into the castle. I looked down the hill and saw something very suspicious, Eduardo was grinning at me… He knew something, something I should have realized earlier, but I eventually found out when I heard the whistle…


Link to Delta Force Paintball Dublin (where I’ve been):

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