Irish Tim(es)


What day is it tomorrow? St. Patrick’s Day!

(Yeah, I know it looks embarrassing, but everyone is going to look like that tomorrow) 🙂

Stay tuned for a post full of pictures of tomorrows huge parade in the City Centre of Dublin!

The New Roommate


There are some full suitcases in front of my door. Eduardo’s cupboard is empty and there is an opressive silence in my room. Even his Mexican flag, which used to decorate our room so nicely, has disappeared without leaving a trace. It looks like he has never been here.

kc8o9M8MiEduardo’s time as my roommate is unfortunately already over. Even though he’s  only going on vacation and will be back to stay another week before he actually returns to his native Mexico, he will no longer share a room with me. His successor is already on his way and will move into his part of the room tomorrow. Eduardo will be staying in Conor’s room for his last week in Ireland, after his return from  holiday. It’s going to be very strange to have a new roommate.  I have been sharing a room with Eduardo for almost half a year and now he is leaving and he will be replaced by someone I have never met before.

spain-stereotypeNow you probably want me to talk about the new roommate, who is already on his way to Ireland while you are reading this. Well, I would love to tell you more about him but the only thing I know is that he is from Spain.

If you were just thinking about Spanish stereotypes, I couldn’t blame you as I did exactly the same to be honest. 🙂

Let’s just hope that this mysterious perhaps Flamenco-dancing new roommate is friendly and polite.


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Frankenstein’s History Lesson


Blog_12111School had just started and everyone was trying get to their classroom. The corridors looked, as always, like battlefields. Students were pushing, screaming and running through the narrow and overcrowded hallways. Nevertheless I can’t blame them, everyone knows the consequences for being late. No one wants to get punished, just because he was kind enough to wait until the corridor was empty; ruthlessness as the only way out. This applies to me too and the fact that I am Swiss only made it even more necessary to be on time. I literally jumped into the crowd and gave everything to get through it. Suddenly I was standing in front of some sort of a green, grunting creature.

zombie14Before I was able to find out more about this mysterious green thing, it disappeared back into the crowd. But what was even more disturbing was the behaviour of the pupils around me. After the zombie sighting, they acted like this is normal here in Adamstown Community College. This made me suspicious and so  I began to plan my escape route in case of a sudden zombie apocalypse.

I continued walking and on my way to my classroom I also saw a princess and a fairy… There were now only a few possible reasons for those strange incidences left. Either someone found it funny to put a hallucinogenic drug into my breakfast, or I was about to lose my mind.


lSBf1A1425597526Fortunately it was neither of the above, but a special day called “World Book Day”. “Today’s main aim is to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books and reading”, our history teacher (who was disguised ad Frankenstein) explained. Apparently most of our teachers dressed up as a famous character out of a book of their choice. It was an extremely funny day, although I wasn’t very productive. I mean could you concentrate on your work while Frankenstein is watching you?

Anyway, If you saw my last Blog post you should know what I did last weekend (next to watching House of Cards all day long). I went playing Airsoft with Walter, a school friend. For everyone who doesn’t know what Airsoft is:

Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft guns.

1197119420758017922nicubunu_Film.svg.hiIt was absolutely awesome and Walter even filmed it. The video is in my last Blog post, but you propably won’t find me in it as we fought in different locations of the building during that specific game he recorded. Nevertheless you will see Airsoft in action and I also took quite a few pictures of the building.

First Paintball and now Airsoft? Yes and it was amazing, but don’t worry, I’m not thinking about joining the IRA or something like that. I just like gun sports, maybe it’s because I used to be quite good at air pressure rifle shooting. I have quite some experience and have already won some contests.

These pictures were taken a couple of years ago, when I won second place in a competitive shooting event called “Goldiger Züri Träffer”.

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