The New Roommate


There are some full suitcases in front of my door. Eduardo’s cupboard is empty and there is an opressive silence in my room. Even his Mexican flag, which used to decorate our room so nicely, has disappeared without leaving a trace. It looks like he has never been here.

kc8o9M8MiEduardo’s time as my roommate is unfortunately already over. Even though he’s  only going on vacation and will be back to stay another week before he actually returns to his native Mexico, he will no longer share a room with me. His successor is already on his way and will move into his part of the room tomorrow. Eduardo will be staying in Conor’s room for his last week in Ireland, after his return from  holiday. It’s going to be very strange to have a new roommate.  I have been sharing a room with Eduardo for almost half a year and now he is leaving and he will be replaced by someone I have never met before.

spain-stereotypeNow you probably want me to talk about the new roommate, who is already on his way to Ireland while you are reading this. Well, I would love to tell you more about him but the only thing I know is that he is from Spain.

If you were just thinking about Spanish stereotypes, I couldn’t blame you as I did exactly the same to be honest. 🙂

Let’s just hope that this mysterious perhaps Flamenco-dancing new roommate is friendly and polite.



5 thoughts on “The New Roommate

  1. Das muss wirklich ein eigenartiges Gefühl sein, wenn man den Zimmergenossen nach einem halben Jahr ziehen lassen muss – und jemand noch völlig Unbekanntes im Anmarsch ist!
    Tim, ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass es ein unfreundlicher und unausstehlicher Geselle wird! Und du selbst bist doch ein so angenehmer, offener und “entwaffnender” (trotz paintball etc. ^^) Typ Mensch. Da dürfte es deinem neuen Zimmermitbewohner sehr schwer fallen, nicht mit dir auszukommen.
    Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass ihr auch ansonsten vielleicht ähnliche Neigungen, Interessen und ein ähnliches Verhalten (im Zimmer z. B. Ruhebedürfnis, Aufräumbedürfnis, Schlafzeiten) habt, so dass das Zusammenwohnen sich nett und entspannt gestaltet!

    LG Michèle

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  2. Isn’t it exciting if you have to meet other people from around the world. It’s not your choice so destiny will lead your way instead of just doing the things we want to do 🙂
    Another positive thing is: if you like each other you will have free holiday in Spain as well 😛

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  3. Hallo Tim – ich habe Deinen Blog gesehen und hab gedacht, toller Blog und viele News über Irlanb aber meine Page ist auch nicht schlecht. Schau doch mal rein!


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