My first School Trip

decorative_sunThe sun is shining and not a single cloud is in sight, the perfect morning. But the nice weather also has its downsides, school got pretty frustrating over the last few days. It’s quite hard to stay motivated if you see kids playing outside in the beautiful weather while you are sitting in a dark room studying French. But not this week, because this week is special… It’s a School-Trip Week!

On our first trip we met a Danish school class that came over here to Ireland just to visit our school and get to know the Irish sports a little bit better. We were allowed to wear casual clothes that day, which made me really happy. I still remember how it felt like when I’ve worn my school uniform the first time – it was amazing, but my red jumper which I used to wear with so much joy lost its uniqueness. It’s like if you would eat your favourite food every single day, slowly but surely it will lose its taste until you really want to eat something else.

aghabrackAnyway we gave those Danish students a tour through the school building until a private bus arrived which brought us to a special Gaelic sports site. I’ve never seen such a pitch like that. It looked similar to a normal football pitch, but the goals had two huge poles attached to them. (You see those goals on the pictures). An Instructor came and split us up in three groups: Gaelic Football, Gaelic Handball and Hurling. The Instructor first explained us the roles of all the sports and then let us out on the pitch. We played a sport for about an hour and then the groups rotated to another one. I’ve never played a Gaelic Sport before, they’ve never taught us any of them in our PE classes in Adamstown (The fact that we don’t have a sports hall may has something to do with that). I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to go out to the pitch and practice what they just taught us.

All of those games are difficult to explain and have loads of rules, and no one likes rules right? That’s why you can find three videos here who explain and show you how those sports work. But I can already tell you what they all have in common, they are pretty rough…

Gaelic Football explained:

Hurling explained:

Gaelic Handball explained:

After I’ve played all three sports I have to say, that I don’t really like Hurling. It’s quite dangerous, as the change to get hit by such a hurling racket or the “sliotar” (the ball they use) is incredibly high and the little helmet doesn’t really protect you against this huge wooden stick everyone is swinging around on the field.

CrokerAfter we were finished trying to tackle people on the pitch we headed to the Croke Park stadium which was extremely impressive, as it was absolutely and utterly huge. We even got a tour through the whole stadium. This school trip was awesome and gave me a memory I will never forget. Luke, one of my friends, even took a few pictures while we were on that trip…

Tomorrow I’m going to upload a little picture gallery of that day, stay tuned 🙂

January Exams Results

My last holiday here in Ireland just ended and school started again. During those amazing two weeks of pure freedom the weather changed from the usual unpredictable, rainy and windy climate, to a sunny spring weather. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to blog during that time, but don’t worry, I got loads of new stories for you guys.

I finally got the results of my January Exams back. I had an average percentage of 65%, (40% would be a pass) which means if this was my Leaving Certificate I would have had 405 points from a maximum of 600. The Mail I got from Adamstown Community College which contained my results can be found below.


I’m just an exchange student and won’t have to do my Leaving Certificate here in Ireland, but if I did it here and got 405 points I would have had access to those college courses:


I know that 65% isn’t a top result, in Switzerland this would barely be a pass, but here in Ireland it opens hundreds of doors.

I had a quick look at the nearly endless list and I saw colleges that taught law, Forensic & Environmental Chemistry, Marketing etc. for less than 400 Points…