An Adventure is coming to an End

birthday-cake-four-candles-mdThere is a cake ready in the kitchen, a suitcase packed in the hallway and my, from this second on former, roommate standing in front of me… Luis is leaving today. He blows out the candles and eats his piece of cake with mixed feelings. Even though he is glad that he is going to see his family in Spain again in a couple of hours, he is sad to leave his Irish family and friends behind. “Trapped between two Worlds”. When I see him there, sitting and eating his piece of chocolate cake, I see myself at the very same spot in about a week.

Luis taxi arrived and honked a few times outside. Once again he said goodbye to all of us and got into the taxi, which then drove off without leaving a single trace which would indicate that it has ever been here. Like with my last roommate nothing suggests that Luis was ever in this house, and yet he has lived here for almost three months. Time passes incredibly fast. My room is now empty and quiet and my suitcase is placed on my former roommate’s bed, indicating an end of an amazing adventure that has started on the 21. Of August 2014.


RcdgBbxeiMy flight information also arrived a few days ago. My flight got postponed to the 8. Of June, which gives me more time to say goodbye to my friends and get a few presents for my two brothers which I haven’t seen for a total of 285 days (9 months and 15 days). I wonder if they have changed. They once told me that they both wear glasses now, I couldn’t take them serious, as they would look extremely silly with glasses, but it might be true. Another question which really bothers me is how my dog is going to react when he sees me. Is he going to be happy or bite me for suddenly vanishing? Maybe I can make him forgive me with a little bit of Irish dog food. The only thing that certainly hasn’t changed is my a little bit chubby and clumsy cat Leo.

3XvtsL1433202519It’s going to be quite difficult to buy a few gifts for my brothers as I don’t really know what they like anymore, except for Porridge, somehow my little brothers are crazy for that stuff, I don’t even know why. It tastes like cardboard (Maybe because I ate it with water, rather than with milk…) in my opinion, but I mean if they like cardboard, I can get them as much cardboard as they want.

To Colin and Ben: Expect half a ton of porridge in my suitcase. I just got to find a way how I can smuggle it into Switzerland. Maybe I can find a corrupt customs officer who I can bribe… If you want to bring the dog to the airport put him on the leash, I don’t want to get bitten by a sulkily dog just because I haven’t petted him in 9 months…