The Countdown Game

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tumblr_inline_ml7qkatDe31qz4rgpHave you ever heard an Irish teacher speak French? It’s quite an experience since they tend to have a bit of a strong accent. I know that I have an accent as well when speaking French or English but it’s not the same as when the Irish speak French. Anyway, we are just correcting our homework, when the door to the classroom opens and a new teacher enters. I have never seen this teacher before and I know all the teachers here on sight. She introduces herself and tells us that she’s just moved here from Paris. She will work side by side with our main French teacher and will help to prepare us for the Leaving Certificate test.  She is actually a native French speaker which is very good for us because this way we learn how to pronounce the words correctly. She is going to focus on French conversation while our main teacher will focus on grammar and written French. The new teacher speaks French flawlessly but she speaks English with a strong French accent. The lessons can be quite amusing especially when the two teachers switch between English and French. You can close your eyes and you still know exactly who is talking.



e1657382542bfbe791e6ef0c6fc23769c5ca8434dfbc291546f04029cbb47d3eSoon after the start of the lesson we hear the familiar voice of the principal over the speaker system. He tells us, that he has a little game for us. He is going to read out five numbers and a result. We are supposed to: add, subtract, divide or multiply the five numbers to get to the result. He calls this the “countdown” game. We are allowed to work on the task during the French lesson. The teachers are unhappy since that means less time to study pronunciation.

Countdown game rules:

  • You don’t have to use all the numbers.
  • You can’t use the same number more than once.
  • Only +, -, x, ÷ allowed.

Here are the actual numbers as announced by the principal:

10 2 50 5 100

Target number: 320

I’m going to give you the solution in tomorrow’s blog post!


During lunch everyone is excited because the economics lesson for today has been cancelled. We can all go home an hour early. This also means that I get an additional day to study for the economics test.

I think something’s going on because all the teachers are behaving strangely today. For example, during the chemistry lesson we are told to help the teacher prepare a number of experiments for a large group of people. That’s all we’re being told, but who is this group of large people and why are they coming? As a result we hardly learn anything new today since we’re all busy preparing for the big event. Maybe I can find out from some of my friends what’s going on.

funny-pictures-MEME-Would-You-Like-Some-TeaShortly after I return home, I have a visitor. It’s Brigitte, my EF contact or as they call it “IEC”. Margaret welcomes her at the door and offers her a cup of tea. Margaret always wants to give everyone cups of tea, but that’s an Irish custom. Whenever you visit someone the first question is always: “Would you like a cup of tea?”. Actually I don’t like tea, I prefer smoothies.

Brigitte only stays for about 30 minutes and after a short chat with both me and Margaret and two more cups of tea she says goodbye and leaves again.

Joke of the day: 

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.“Weiterlesen” für die deutsche Übersetzung…

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