Eye of the Tiger


As promised, here are some more details about the big zombie event on Sunday. I first heard about this event from Eduardo. He told me all about the competition and made me curious to know more. So where do you turn to when you need all the facts? Yes, the Internet your trusty friend and advisor. So I learned that “Run for your lives” is a 5 km run where the idea is that you have just survived an apocalypse and that you have to escape the zombies together with the other survivors. What a blast! And there are obstacles, too! I love running events, I love zombies and so it was only natural to sign up for this brilliant combination of sports and alternate reality.

When you sign up you have to make a choice: Go as as a survivor, or go as a zombie. Zombies have to pay a higher ticket price because of all the makeup etc. and anyway because Eduardo and his friends wanted to go as survivors, that made the choice easier for me.

Zombie vs. Survivor

There’s also a facebook page with lots of background information and tons of pictures. Can you spot me?


Click on me!

The event took place near Malahide Castle, which is about two hours from where I live. Sadly, my LEAP card picked just this day to stop working and so I had to pay the full fare. The card still has 12 Euros on it and I really want to get it fixed or get a replacement. One of my friends lost his wallet on the trip and couldn’t make it to the race.

Zombie Map!

It turns out that “Run for your lives” is quite a popular event. We had to stand in line for half an hour to sign up and to get our three red stripes. The stripes represent your “lives” which the zombies have to try and end prematurely. Eduardo forgot mention that you have to be at least eighteen years old to take part in the run. So I asked myself: Would real zombies in a real apocalypse care about my age? No, they would still tear out my flesh and eat me, regardless. With this in mind, it was easy for me to sign the statement that I’m old enough.

After signing up we had to wait another hour. The reason for this was, that they let the runners start the race in small groups so that all the zombies have a good chance to get their share of runner’s flesh. Each group has to wait in a black box until they get the signal to start running for their lives.

But you’re in luck: I was able to borrow a GoPro camera from my roommate and so here’s a clip of the major highlights of my brilliant experience:

Because the Malahide Castle is nearby, we went to see it after the race. Malahide Castle is a major landmark and tourist magnet, so they can charge anything they want. For us that meant that we only got to see the castle from the outside but for free.


We made a lot of new friends that day at the event and we all went to a pizza restaurant together to celebrate. Irish restaurants offer a mix of great food and affordable prices so people here tend to eat out more often than we do in Switzerland. Don’t get me wrong, we also have great food but we’re still working on the prices.


After the pizza we got on the bus back home and had a short stopover in Dublin where I bought postcards and stamps to send to friends and family back home.

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Eduardo, lost in the Forest

English Version

Welcome back my faithful readers. You probably wonder why I didn’t write anything for the past two days. The mid-term holiday has started and I had one of the best weekends ever.  On Saturday, I went to the cinema together with a couple of friends. We wanted to see the “Annabelle” movie. This time we agreed to go to a cinema in Dublin. I forgot to look up the cinema address on Google Maps so when I got to the city, I had no clue where to meet my friends. As I was walking past the post office on one of the busiest streets in Dublin, I suddenly see a couple of my friends standing there. What a stroke of luck! Soon after we made our way to the cinema, but first we had to stop at a convenience store to buy some food. The cinema ticket prices are low but the food is overpriced. So it’s better to get your own food in advance. The convenience store had an excellent candy selection and I just couldn’t resist! So I really bought a lot of candy, probably enough for ten people! I also bought my favourite chocolate “Raffaello”. I could eat “Raffaello” every day, it’s so tasty and delicious.

As we left the shop it was already quite late and we had to rush to the cinema. We didn’t want to miss the start of the movie!

Because “Annabelle” is a horror movie, you can only watch it if you are at least sixteen years of age. In Switzerland, this means that you have to carry an ID with you and the age limit is strictly enforced. In Ireland, they ask you: “Are you all sixteen or older?” and of course we all answer with a hearty “Yes!”. It’s a bit like a gameshow on TV. There’s no need to show an ID.

All horror movies follow a basic script. In the beginning, the cast is introduced and we get to know how everyone is connected. This part of the movie is usually a bit boring but it’s important to know the people who get killed! And with “Annabelle” the killing starts soon enough. And there is a lot of killing! My rating for “Annabelle” is eight out of ten stars. There are a couple of really good “jump scares”. Just when you least expect it, something truly horrible and disgusting happens. At one point, I was so surprised that I choked on a piece of “Raffaello” chocolate! I don’t think I will go into the basement for a couple of weeks.

On Sunday I went to the “Run for your lives” event. You may have already seen the music video I posted on Saturday. Participants can sign up for one of two roles: You can either be a zombie or a survivor. I picked the survivor role since that way I don’t have to dress up and because I think I can run a lot faster than a zombie.

As a survivor you have to wear three red stripes around your hip. The stripes represent your remaining lives. The task of a zombie is to try and grab as many stripes as possible so as to kill the remaining survivors. Survivors need to run as fast as possible along the five kilometre track filled with obstacles. What kind of obstacles? Well, there are pits filled with mud, labyrinths, steep hills and more. While you climb, run, slide along the path, the bloody zombies are always right behind you.

The whole experience was one of a kind and the best thing is that I made it to the finish line with a stripe left and I got a really cool T-Shirt. And as you can see on the picture, I’m not even that dirty, but I have to say, that I changed my clothes before we made that picture…


Eduardo was there too but he wasn’t fast enough and some nasty zombies grabbed him and dragged him into the forest, never to be seen again……. until much later. “We must never speak of what happened here…”, he said to me but for some reason he still got a T-shirt.

Stay tuned for more details in tomorrow’s blog post.

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Sabotage im Computerraum

Der Wecker und ich. Werden wir je Freunde sein? Ich denke nicht. Wie jeden Morgen reisst er mich aus dem Schlaf. Doch halt, was ist das? Ein Schmerz im Hals! Nein, doch nicht heute. Ich wollte heute fit sein, denn wir haben einen wichtigen Test in Biologie. Die Schmerzen im Hals sind nicht so schlimm, aber leider fängt nun auch noch meine Nase an zu laufen. Eine klassische Erkältung also! Meine erste Erkältung in Irland übrigens. Müsste aber nicht sein.

Beladen mit Papier-Taschentüchern mache ich mich auf den Weg in die Schule. Ich hoffe, dass es bei einer Erkältung bleibt und nicht noch zu einer veritablen Grippe ausartet. Das englische Wort für Grippe ist „flu“.

Eine Erkältung ist kein Grund nicht in die Schule zu gehen. Gestern ging es mir noch super. Eduardo und ich haben zusammen mit der PlayStation gespielt. Er spielt schlechter als mein Kater Leo, und der spielt sehr schlecht. Vor allem hat er Mühe, den Controller in den Pfoten zu halten und weil er etwas schielt, verfehlt er oft das Ziel. Auch gibt er Zischlaute von sich, wenn er nicht gewinnt und läuft dann einfach weg. Ich meine übrigens Leo und nicht Eduardo. Eduardo macht keine Zischlaute, obwohl er immer verliert. Gerade deshalb hat es grossen Spass gemacht. Sean hat mir die Playstation eingerichtet, thank you Sean!

So gut ist Leo nicht!

So gut ist Leo nicht!

Aber zurück zum Schulalltag.  Der Informatik-Unterricht konnte heute nicht wie geplant durchgeführt werden, weil irgendein Spassvogel auf verschiedenen Computern BIOS Passwörter eingerichtet hat. So lässt sich der Computer nicht mehr starten, ohne dass man das Passwort kennt! Das ist etwas riskant, denn die Lehrer haben die Möglichkeit herauszufinden wer zuletzt den Computer benutzt hat.

Heute höre ich wieder die Stimme des Rektors über den Lautsprecher. Sie hat ihren sonst freundlichen Ton etwas verloren und ist ziemlich ungehalten wegen der Computersache: „HELLO! YOUR PRINCIPAL HERE! YOU WILL BE FOUND AND PUNISHED!“ – das heisst soviel wie: Die Schuldigen werden gefunden und bestraft!


Unsere Schule ist übrigens stark überwacht. Es gibt ein elektronisches System mit Stempelkarten für den Zugang zur Schule. Zudem wird vor jeder Lektion eine Anwesenheitskontrolle gemacht. Auch hat es überall auf dem Schulgelände Kameras. In der Schweiz wäre das wohl so nicht möglich, aus „Datenschutz“-Gründen. Schade, denn man fühlt sich so viel sicherer.

Zu Hause muss ich mich jetzt schonen und mich warm anziehen. Vielleicht macht mir ja Margaret einen heissen Tee oder ich könnte mir einen Vitamindrink-Smoothie machen, damit ich wieder auf die Beine komme.