The Green Monster


Halloween is day of celebration in Ireland and people start to decorate their houses several days before. As I came home from the gym yesterday I saw this:

DSC00829 IMG_3458

Everyone wears a costume and I mean everyone! Even Casper, who is dressed up in full Halloween gear today and seems to really enjoy himself. He chases me around the house and barks like mad. At first, I did not want to join the fun and wear a costume but Margaret convinced me to wear Robert’s Halloween costume from last year. I’ve always wanted to be “the incredible Hulk”!


Eduardo, Conor and me

Casper has a costume for every occasion and it seems to that whenever he is dressed up like this he is even more annoying than usual. He just can’t stop barking! So I went into the garden to get a bit of quiet time.

After a couple of minutes I went back into the house and I got the biggest Halloween scare of the day….

a.baa-Can-we-be-friendsYou remember “Monstro” the giant spider? He has returned on Halloween night to haunt me! He was sitting right there on the wall, looking at me with his eight evil eyes… My screams have alerted the family who probably think that there’s a vampire or a werewolf in the living room. They immediately come to my rescue.

A discussion on animal rights breaks out and we split into two opposing schools of thought: Sean and Conor take my side and they start looking for a powerful bug spray to put the beast to rest once and for all. Margaret thinks that we should spare it and release it into the garden. However, she is afraid what might happen if there is full moon…

When we turned around to put our plan into action, “Monstro” was gone. The beast has disappeared and is hiding somewhere inside the house. A ghoulish laugh can be heard from upstairs….


Because my “Hulk” costume has obviously not impressed the spider and because I’m starting to feel a bit hot, I take the mask off. A soon as I do, Margaret starts laughing. I check the mirror and do not see my reflection…. I must have turned into Vampire! But who is this green-faced creature looking at me? Then I realize, that my face is still green even though I’m no longer wearing the mask. How can that be, am I truly turning into the “Hulk”? Has my anger over “Monstro” released my powers? No, sadly the answer is more simple. When Robert was wearing the same mask last year, he painted his face green so that he wouldn’t have to wear the mask all the time. Some of this green colour must have stuck to the mask and now to my face. Or is it a curse?  It took me more than 10 minutes to scrub my face clean again.

IMG_3438Later that evening, I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door but there was nobody outside. Someone must have played a prank! But then I heard faraway voices coming from the ground. As I looked down I saw tiny creatures in Halloween costumes: kids from the neighbourhood. The voices were saying “trick or treat” and the little hands were holding out small bags. They were asking for candy and sweets.  Luckily, I was prepared. Margaret had stocked up on candy and sweets just for this day. Here’s a picture of “Candy Mountain”.

I made myself a special smoothie just for the occasion. I bought some special ingredients from the supermarket. The smoothie looked slimy and green but tasted monstrously good! For the second time that day I felt like a green monster, very similar to the one you see in the video below.

As I was drinking my monster smoothie, Eduardo was hollowing out a giant pumpkin. It wouldn’t be a real Halloween without a scary looking pumpkin on the doorstep.

IMG_3461 DSC00853

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