Sing for the Moment


Unfortunately the mid-term break is already over and school has started again. It’s amazing to see how a week of holiday can be exhausting instead of refreshing. All the students look so tired! But maybe it’s just because it’s early in the morning.

back_to_schoolAll my friends had a lot of homework to complete during the mid-term break. For some reason, I didn’t get any mid-term homework. This made me feel privileged, until today. It seems like all my teachers have signed up for a homework competition where the winner gets a week of holiday in Spain. At least it feels that way because if I take all the homework I got today and stack it up in the middle of my room, I’m unable to see the top of the pile, because it’s above the clouds. I have named this pile the “Mount Everest of homework” and I plan to climb it soon to place my flag on top of the paper mountain. So much to do in so little time!


music-notes-Today, something really embarrassing happened to me. My phone went off in the middle of the history lesson. And it did not just start ringing, instead it started playing Eminem’s “Sing for the moment”. One of my favourite tunes but not really something I want to share with my history teacher. As soon as the music started, everything went really quiet. You could have heard pin dropping! Everyone was staring at me. It only lasted a couple of seconds but it felt like an eternity. I immediately turned off the music but it was too late. I had to hand in my phone to the teacher. If only I had put the phone in the locker, like I usually do.

Thank god that this happened during the history lesson! My history teacher returned the phone to me right after class. If this had happened in any other lesson, I would not have seen my phone again for at least a week.

speaker-volume-iconAs I was sitting in biology class, I heard the familiar voice of our principal. Another one of his classic public announcements! “This is your principal speaking…” This time, he reminds us that there is an official school jacket and that students to not follow the dress code will have their jackets confiscated, regardless of the outside temperature. Currently it’s freezing cold outside with temperatures getting close to zero. Students who arrive late will be sent home. So what about students who arrive late and with the wrong jacket? They would probably be expelled from school for life!


A bit later the teacher tells us about the new fire evacuation rules. More fire evacuation rules? There’s so many rules that they could publish a book about it. Compared to Switzerland, I think that the fire evacuation rules here are bit too complicated. A fire is an emergency, and people can’t think during emergencies and they forget everything they’ve been told. So it’s important to have very simple rules. In Switzerland, there are only three basic and simple rules that have to be observed in case of a fire:

  1. Go to the assembly point!
  2. Don’t panic!
  3. Sign out!

In Ireland, we have to:

  • Assemble directly behind the school, which means that the burning building could collapse right on top of us
  • Arrange ourselves in alphabetical order according to our surnames. There are over 900 students so this is a recipe for pure chaos.

stairsLater today, as I was working on “Homework Mountain” I started to get thirsty. I went downstairs for a glass of water. However, Margaret told me that a pipe has burst further down the road and that means the whole street is out of tap water. As I went back upstairs, I saw Conor tap-dancing in front of the bathroom because he couldn’t go to the toilet. Outside it was raining but not a drop of the water inside the house. Just as the Irish government is starting to charge for the water, the pipes start bursting… Let’s hope that they spend the money on fixing the old rusty pipes.

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