Pictures in the Rain


I hope you enjoyed the “Dublin at Christmas” pictures from the last Blog post. Here’s some background on how and when I took the pictures.

christmas-ornament-border-clipart-Transparent_Christmas_Blue_Ornament_ClipartIt was the 23. Of December and as I was looking out of my window, I could see the spirit of Christmas everywhere. Everything was covered in Christmas decorations, and not just buildings, even cars were decorated Christmas-style. So I wondered, what will it be like in the centre of Dublin?

As I don’t have to study for school, I have a lot of spare time at the moment, so I took my camera and made my way to the bus station. There was a light drizzle outside, as is normal for Ireland at this time of the year. But as I was looking through the bus window, the rain got a lot worse with each passing minute.

IMG_3799[1]Still, I thought nothing of this, as the weather here can change very quickly.  I was hoping it might change back to a light drizzle long before the bus was due to arrive in the city centre. But it never stopped! So I immediately had to look for shelter as I got out of the bus. I waited for a couple of minutes but then I realized, it might stay like this the whole day. So like a true Irishman, I ignored the foul weather, took out my camera and started to take pictures. Every couple of minutes I had to stop and wipe away the raindrops from the lens with piece of soft and lens-friendly cloth.

How-Batteries-DieMost of the pictures are from the area surrounding O’Connell Street which is right in the centre of Dublin. Normally, this area is packed with people. The bad weather had one advantage: people stayed at home and the streets were empty. Perfect for taking pictures of Dublin’s famous monuments. The worst point came when I wanted to take a picture of “the spire”. To get the right angle, I had to point the camera upwards and heavy raindrops were splashing on my face. But it was funny to see all the water running down “the Spire”.

As time was passing, my clothes got more and more soaked, and eventually the battery of the camera died.  So I made my way back to the bus station. As I was standing on the bridge I had a very nice view of the river and the city. So I turned on my camera for the last time and took a final picture just in time before the battery was completely empty. This final picture is one of my favourite images from that day.


Now I hope I’m not going to catch a cold from that day! My next blog post will be about the Christmas dinner, so check back soon… I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas yourself.


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