Pink day

Die gestrige zweisprachige Publikation ist auf ein positives Echo gestossen und so werde ich das eine Weile so fortführen. Hier also wieder zuerst der englische, dann der deutsche Text.

English Version

studying-memeWe are sitting in our English class and everyone is quite nervous. Why? Our teacher is standing in front of us and holding a stack of tests. To prepare for the test, we had to learn about a hundred Shakespeare quotes by heart. For me, this meant studying all night because the quotes are quite hard to remember. At one point, I was thinking about simply grabbing all my books and throwing them all out the window. But then I kept on going and I also continued to study this morning during breakfast and on my way to school, on the school bus.

2e94127a47165ac51665c70f42a8c37ff48b465397a3d4e2873ab7dfe9e0a8f8Sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself for the studying. The main reason is, as I have already explained, that the tests do not count towards the final grades. In other words, they test are meaningless. When you get a bad grade, the teacher will shout at you, but that’s all. Sometimes you can even just repeat the test again. So the way I motivate myself is that I think about what it means for me personally to finish the exchange year at the highest level.

But when we finally get the test sheets, it’s not as bad as I thought. In fact, the whole test is quite easy and I’m sure that I’m going to get at least a passing grade! It looks like all my studying has paid off.

exams-i-passed-them-already (1)

Chuck Norris doesn’t take exams, he just passes them!

On the way to my PE class I notice a ton of advertising posters on the walls. Yesterday I told you about the yearly event called “Pink Day”. As it turns out, the reason this is called “Pink day” is simply that you are supposed to wear something pink. As said, it’s for charity, more clearly to support the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pink clothes and I don’t think I’m going to buy something just for the one day. So I’ll probably end up just donating the money but without the dressing up part. Call me old fashioned, but to me pink is a colour for girls. Next year they should call it the green day but of course that name is already blocked by the punk band of the same name….


I don’t want to look like a pink Heisenberg…!

054c4df54090632104b337aa69942b24955697973901498d59e0f3c3964acde5I still haven’t been able to get a hold of the new Maths book. The teacher yells at me and tells me that I should order the book online if I can’t get it at the store. I tell her, that I have already tried this but my Swiss banking card is not authorized for online shopping. Here I quote my teacher “I don’t care, you are not a first year student! Just make it happen!” In the end, a friend of mine helps me and lends me his spare math book.

Tomorrow, my IEC will visit me to see how I’m doing. The IEC is my contact at EF (my exchange year organisation). Whenever I have questions or problems, I can turn to her. So far, everything is going great and I have had no reason to contact her.

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