Pink Norris

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Do you still remember the little game we played yesterday?

Unfortunately none of my readers was able to provide the correct answer! Here’s the solution I came up with:

Jigsaw_Doll_by_smthcrim8950 * 5 = 250

250 – 100 = 150

150 + 10 = 160

160 * 2 = 320

This is just one possible solution, there are probably a hundred other ways to get to the target number.

I finally found out why everyone was behaving so strangely yesterday and why we had to prepare the experiments during chemistry class. Apparently this was for the so called ‘open day’. This is an event where the school tries to recruit new students by showing them the classrooms. I don’t understand why they are doing this since our school already has way too many students. It’s hard enough to get from one classroom to another because it’s so packed with people. In Ireland every student can pick the school that he or she wants to attend. In Switzerland you have to go to the school that’s in your area and you don’t get a choice unless you go to a private school. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Irish system because that way you can avoid the schools with a bad reputation without moving to another city. The only disadvantage is that the popular schools here simply have too many students. But I really think that the competiton between the different schools for the best students is a good thing. That’s why they prepared the experiments yesterday, to impress new students and to get them to sign up for the next school year.


“Pink day” is just around the corner, in fact it’s going to be tomorrow. My friends really want to convince me to participate and wear something pink. They even try to make me believe I could be sent home, if I don’t do it.

Two things stop me from just saying ‘yes’:

  1. I hate pink!
  2. I don’t have anything pink!

I still don’t understand why the colour has to be pink, I mean that does seem a bit unfair. It’s obvious to me that the “Pink day” must have been invented by women and that they did not ask the opinion of men until it was already too late (the posters and flyers had already been printed).

I think I will stick with my original plan and just donate the 2 Euros. I have an idea on how to raise more money. Those who don’t want to wear pink can buy their way out of it. For example, if you don’t donate anything you have to wear a pink dress. For 2 euro you can wear pink pants, for 10 euro all you have to do is wear a pink hat. For 500 Euro you can ask the principal to wear a pink tutu.


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Chuck Norris doesn’t wear pink. Pink wears Chuck Norris.

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