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In my last blog post I already announced today’s main topic: The speech.

speechBut, before I talk about the actual speech I have to say that this little event wasn’t free and I had to pay for it. It wasn’t expensive, but our year head (a year head has similar responsibilities to a vice principal but is below him in rank) told us something quite logic: Multiply a small amount of money with a huge amount of students and you get the required amount of money needed to pay the speaker’s salary. The speaker was a famous psychologist but don’t let that put you off. I know that some people have a negative opinion of psychology and they think it’s not a real “science” but I am of a different opinion. Also I think that some our students could benefit a lot from a session with a psychologist. Here are some points that annoy me and that should be discussed:

  • “Building chatty circles” in the middle of the corridors causing huge traffic jams or even traffic collapses…
  • Running and at the same time pushing your way through the crowd (particularly first year students do this a lot and it’s terribly annoying!)
  • Disrespectful behaviour against senior cycle students (Remember this: “Respect us or you won’t expect us…”)
  • Taking the main stairs to get downstairs, while everyone else wants to go upstairs.
  • Leaving all of your rubbish on the table after lunch… (We can’t afford a sports hall, but we do have bins!)


16401-Be-Thankful-And-Stop-ComplainingAm I complaining again? Sometimes I just make mountains out of molehills, but the first bullet point actually annoys me a lot! And as I know that some students of my school sometimes read my blog: Please stop the chatty circles!

Now before this post becomes to negative, let’s return to the main topic: “The speech” and the “pursuit of happiness” (this was the main topic of the speech).

I already knew that the speech was going to be great before I even entered the room as I saw how excited the class before us left. They didn’t even notice that we were there as they were too deep in thought about the meaning of life.

i-m-on-the-pursuit-of-happinessThe whole event took place in the so called “demo-room”. The seats were comfortable and the atmosphere was very curious and after a few minutes it became quiet. Shane Martin (the psychologist I was talking about) started to speak. His presentation was brilliant and it’s difficult to describe the whole speech, but he basically exposed lies of society. Our society lies to us in many different ways. From the first day on everyone tells you: “Work hard and study all the time! Then you can get a good job and earn a lot of money! That’s the only way for you to be truly happy!” He told us that he has many patients who have worked their whole lives and now they are deeply depressed. They ask themselves where all the time went. This was just an example and there are plenty other lies he showed us. He also gave us tips on how to be truly happy: It’s better to have a little success and accomplishment each day then to try and find happiness by following unobtainable goals which are beyond your own control.

The speech was really inspiring and brilliant and I don’t regret the fact that I had to pay for it. I mean that’s his job and he has to pay his bills too. It was worth it and I would gladly listen to the whole speech again.  I even heard a teacher say: “School isn’t everything”, which is something I’ve never heard a teacher say before.

If you want to know more about Shane Martin, here’s a link to his website:



The first page mentions the “Refresh your life” seminar, and that’s exactly what the whole speech was about.

I know, I haven’t written a lot of blog post lately, but it’s been extremely busy!

I promise to follow up with more stories of life in Ireland on the weekend. Stay tuned!

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