Back to Life, back to Reality


Hello everybody! After turning into a true swine, I have now returned to human form.

bacons_revengeI’m still alive and kicking but today something very disturbing happened. As you may recall from my previous post, the Irish will soon have to pay for their water and they are none too happy about this! Well, I’m annoyed by the fact that the water has a metallic taste. When I first drank tap water over here, I noticed the strange taste but I didn’t think too much about it. After a while, I got used to the taste and now I don’t even notice it anymore. But a few days ago I did a little research about Irish water taxes and the Irish water supply system in general. I was quite shocked, as I found information about lead contamination, bacteria and diseases and a certain amount of chemicals that the government puts into the water to keep it “clean”. I was doing my research with a full glass in my hand, filled with a poisonous substance. I could feel the lead starting to contaminate my blood and the chemicals eating away at my stomach….


I’m just joking of course, I don’t take this type of information very seriously and I will continue to drink tap water as I did it the last three months. I’m still alive, am I not? But the fact remains that Irish water is not very healthy. You don’t believe me? Let me google it for you:

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water bottles_shutterstock_77875327_300Even if the water has a metallic taste and hasn’t the same quality as the water in Switzerland, it’s still drinkable. Just imagine how many water bottles I would have to buy, if I couldn’t drink the tap water here. So, I just hope it doesn’t kill me too quickly, as I want to survive the exchange year. Up to now, the Irish couldn’t really complain too much about the quality of the water because at least it was free. But now that they have to start paying for it, hopefully the quality will soon improve.

sleepyreading_LargeI had three tests today! Three tests! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not the first time that we have three test on the same day, but usually we get a couple of days advance notice. Our biology teacher told us last week that we have a biology test today, so I had plenty of time to study for it. But our chemistry teacher only just told us yesterday. And I wasn’t even in class, instead I was listening to a famous speaker in another room (more about this in a future post….). So I only heard about the test from my friends. The test is about chapter 5 which is probably the biggest chapter in the whole book. In fact, it’s so big that it could be it’s own book! I studied until midnight yesterday and in the morning as I woke up I continued studying. I even studied in the school bus but it was tough because there were a bunch of first-graders shouting and screaming, so I couldn’t concentrate. Where is the respect for the senior students? Just kidding….

The third test was a French exam but I didn’t really have to study for that. Always remember that the one-eyed man is the king among blind people!


Fact is, that I’m absolutely exhausted at the moment due to a lack of sleep. If only the Christmas holiday would start sooner!

During yesterday’s chemistry and PE class I was in a room with a famous speaker. It was extremely inspiring. More about that in my next blog post! Keep reading….

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