Dreaming of an Irish Christmas


canstockphoto9751902_EducationToday, I had a look at some of the topics of my previous post. What strikes me is that a large number of the posts is about school. While I have done my best to describe the school building and the rooms, I realize that without actually seeing a picture it’s hard to imagine what it’s really like.

I want you to try a little experiment: Have a friend or colleague describe something to you and try to draw a picture at the same time. Then show the picture to the friend and see how reality and picture match.

So now you know why I took some many photos of the school and posted them on my blog. From now on, whenever I write about a certain room or area at school, you can look at the pictures and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

1964052823787147144Christmas is approaching quickly and there is a lot of frantic activity, with people trying to buy the right gifts for friends and family. At home, I usually have a very good idea of what I want to buy, but here it’s a bit different. Obviously, I don’t know my host family as well as my family back home and I don’t really know what they might like or not like.

I’m sure you all know the feeling, when you absolutely have to buy a Christmas present for someone at the last minute. In Switzerland I usually buy at least one gift for everyone who participates in our yearly Christmas celebration (including my clumsy cat).

222323Since I will be spending Christmas here in Ireland together with my host family, I will need to get presents for them as well. Obviously I can’t share my ideas with you yet because there is a possibility that Conor is secretly reading my blog to discover what he might get for Christmas. Conor, if you’re reading: yes, it will be a Santa Christmas sweater! But seriously, I’m not going to reveal my secret “gift ideas” before Christmas. To my readers: If you have any ideas for host-family Christmas presents, write a comment please! Thanks!


If you have followed my posts on the Irish weather then you should know that it’s very windy at this time of year. My school bag is quite heavy and that’s a good thing! One morning I accidentally left without it and the wind almost lifted me off my feet…

2000px-Zeichen_113.svgThere is no snow at the moment, but the ground is icy and it’s easy to slip and fall if you’re not careful. I saw at least twenty students limping around the school building today, holding their backs and displaying a painful facial expression. It’s a constant reminder that I must tread carefully!

More about Christmas in Ireland in my next posts….

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